Usefull links.

We have included this page for those who may wish to find other links of a Christian nature. We hope it may be of use to young people who, after visiting our local churches, may wish to look for other relevant information on the "www".

There are other parishes in the Worcester Diocese with web sites and these can be found by visting the Worcester Diocese web site via our main menu and then going to Parish links. Similarly other diocese can be found by visiting the Church of England site via our main menu.

Messy Church Web Site is the Home site for the Messy Church movement.

Your Church Wedding.This is the Chuch of England site which explains the new Marriage Rules and will help you plan your Wedding in Church.

Christian Aid is a world wide charity which aims to releive human suffering.

Voluntary Services Overseas "VSO" is one of the leading charities in providing trained help to the underdeveloped countries. Any person wishing to offer their help by going abroad should visit this site.

Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC). is an umbrella organisation which launches and co-ordinates the UK's National Appeal in response to major disasters overseas.
Details of the DEC's history and aims can be found at the web site and during an appeal the web site offers the facility to donate online or find otherways of donating.

The Church Missionary Society "CMS" is a mission agency, established in 1799, working in partnership with churches in Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

The United Society for the Propagation of the Gospel "USPG", founded in 1701, is a major mission agency of the Anglican Church working in partnership with Churches in more than 50 countries worldwide

The Bible Reading Fellowship publishes a number of Guides and Commentaries to the Bible. There aim is to encourage private bible study and anyone wishing to understand the bible in detail would do well to visit thsi site.

The Scripture Union is a non-denominational, Christ-centred international movement, founded in 1867 who aim to use the Bible to inspire children, young people and adults to know God.

Jesus. We were put in touch with this site by the Diocesan Childrens officer. It makes interesting reading for any one exploring the nature of Jesus.

The Mothers Union.The Mothers' Union was started in England in 1876 by Mary Sumner. It now has more than one million members in 70 countries making it the largest Christian women's organisation in the world.

Church Legacy. Visit this site if you are looking for information on leaving a legacy to the church.