All Saints, Wilden. History.

Alfred Baldwin offered to build a suitable church for the hamlet of Wilden on condition that the Vicar of the parish would undertake to supply a suitable minister. As a result the church was built by J. Cook of Hartlebury, the foundation stone being laid on the 3rd May 1879.

All Saints at WildenThe Church was consecrated as a Chapel of Ease to St. Michael, Stourport, on Sunday 4th May, 1880.

In his diary, Alfred Baldwin recalls that "Mr. Stanley Baldwin arrived at Wilden House on 20th April, 1880 to stay for the consecration".

On the 30th April 1880 Alfred Baldwin was hoping that all would be ready on time. His diary reveals that he met Bishop Philpott at the Church at 11:OOam and the Service was carried through without a hitch. Mr Haviland read the 1st Lesson, Mr. Boyle the 2nd Lesson and the Bishop preached the Sermon and also conducted the Service of Holy Communion. There were 49 communicants, and the Service lasted until 2:00pm.
At the 7.3Opm Service of Evensong the Church was packed, the offertories were good.

At the end of the day Alfred Baldwin records in his diary, "To bed, very tired, the work is done, thanks be to God, and may His blessings be on me and mine, and the whole Church".

All Saints and the Clock BuildingWilden was made a parish in 1904 and a vicarage was built in 1905 as a gift from Stanley Baldwin.

Alfred Baldwin died on the 13th february 1908 and the memorial clock in his memory was started in 1910 by Oliver Baldwin, Alfred's Grandson.

The War Memorial was unveiled by Stanley Baldwin on February 13th 1921.

All Saints Harvest 2004

In 1991 the parish was joined to St. Michaels as a single benifice with the Rev. Barry Gilbert as Vicar.